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         DaphonRecognized for its own brand Daphon, Wuhan Kailing Electronic Co.,Ltd continues to pursue being outstanding all the time since established in 1991. “Keeping innovating, pursuing perfection, earnest service, high quality and competitive price” is our goal forever.

         Now, Kailing Electronic is positioned as one of the top Electric musical instruments manufacturers corporation in China.Our products cover Electric Guitar & Bass Amplifier, Guitar Effects, Volume pedal, Sustain pedal, WAH-WAH pedal, Tuner, Direct Box, Pick up, Picks, Cable, Adaptor and other Guitar Accessories.

          "We are a manufacturer and trader aiming to offer things valuble, professional and earnest service. We can provide “Steady & Professional Quality, Competitive Price, Delivery on time.” We make them into our daily work and promote ourselves day by day. Wuhan Kailing Electronic Co.,Ltd is a reliable supplier and your good partner in China.