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Guitar kits

Guitar kitsThere are adult guitar kits and children's guitar kits.Including the guitar amplifier,guitar bag,guitar cable and guitar picks.If you want to add more other music instrument into the guitar kits,it is also ok.OEM order welcome

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产品属性: 延音 踏板 型号 DF1772 特色:古典模式,金属外壳上垫胶,防滑外壳,感觉舒适。 尺寸:100mm*80mm*30mm 重量:0.26Kg 颜色:黑色 包装方式: 先将单个产品装在标准大风的盒子或者客户定制的盒子内,然后装箱。 个/箱: 24pcs 箱体尺寸: 595*314*120mm 总重量: 9kg 净重.: 7.6kg

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